An Atlas to Follow

It’s been a long time since I did concert photography, but I got a chance last night at The Square Room watching An Atlas to Follow. I’d forgotten how challenging concert lighting can be, but was pleasantly surprised at how well modern cameras handle things (for the most part). Definitely go check out their music (this video will give you a peek at some of their upcoming stuff).

Fall Pictures, Part 1

I’m spreading these out over time on FB/G+, but thought I’d do a dump here while I’m thinking about it (and have the spare hard drive hooked up). I don’t have details for all of these on hand, and right now the computer is churning away trying to process images from today’s shoot, but I will put up some descriptions over time. Until then, hope you enjoy.


More recent panoramas

It’s been a while since I posted shots here, though there have been several on FB / G+. A few of the highlights, collected here in a single post.

Recent panoramas

I’ve been out and about shooting some more panoramas recently, as well as having a few I took a while ago, but never got around to processing.

TAMU Times

Spent some time in College Station this week, and had a chance to play around a bit with the new E-M1. Fun little camera. A few stitched images below:

Europe 2014, Part 2

A follow-up gallery from our trip to Europe, with more “normal” pictures.