Fall Pictures, Part 1

I’m spreading these out over time on FB/G+, but thought I’d do a dump here while I’m thinking about it (and have the spare hard drive hooked up). I don’t have details for all of these on hand, and right now the computer is churning away trying to process images from today’s shoot, but I will put up some descriptions over time. Until then, hope you enjoy.


More recent panoramas

It’s been a while since I posted shots here, though there have been several on FB / G+. A few of the highlights, collected here in a single post.

Recent panoramas

I’ve been out and about shooting some more panoramas recently, as well as having a few I took a while ago, but never got around to processing.

TAMU Times

Spent some time in College Station this week, and had a chance to play around a bit with the new E-M1. Fun little camera. A few stitched images below:

Europe 2014, Part 2

A follow-up gallery from our trip to Europe, with more “normal” pictures.