Welcome to my website. My name is Jeff Wischkaemper. I work at Texas A&M University in the Power System Automation Laboratory as a full-time research engineer specializing in power system waveform analytics. My broader research interests include high-impedance fault detection, transient characterization of sensors and waveform recording devices, and cybersecurity issues related to electric distribution systems. I am a member of the International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRÉ) and the IEEE Power and Energy Society, and participate in several working groups in the Transmission and Distribution subcommittee. For those interested in contacting me professionally, feel free to email jeffw at tamu dot edu.

I also dabble in photography here and there. A link to my photography site is included above. My portfolio is somewhat eclectic, ranging from macro to long exposure to landscape. My recent work focuses primarily on stitching multiple images together to create perspectives unavailable with traditional rectilinear photography. I am always interested in talking shop and sharing techniques. For any photography related questions, or to inquire about purchasing prints, feel free to email me at jeff at wisch dot org.

Once upon a time I was an active blogger, and those posts are still archived with the hopeful-though-not-accurate moniker of “recent” in the menu above. Perhaps some day I’ll take up writing again on a more active scale. Until then, feel free to look around and peruse the old content, or visit my photography, Facebook / Google+ pages, which tend to be updated more frequently.