you who have tasted the world

You who have tasted the world,
who have climbed highest mountains
and run through fields,
only to find emptiness and despair;

You who search diligently,
finding meaning in pleasure
only to have it retreat from you;

You who knew the seeds of pleasure,
but experienced a harvest of pain –

hear the words of He who made you and know:

“Pleasure is from the hand of God.
Who can enjoy anything apart from him?”

May you delight in the Lord.
May you find your pleasure in Him.

to you who are alone

To you who are alone,
seeking God in a dry and empty desert,
parched and hopeless –
take heart in the promise that he who seeks shall find.

To you who are hurting,
burdened under a load you cannot carry,
bent and worn from life’s journey –
take heart in a Savior who offers you rest.

To you who are divided,
fractured and broken,
the pieces of your life scattered in disarray –
take heart as you hold them in your trembling hands – for the healer calls you to himself.

To you who hunger and thirst for hope, and peace
To you who need the loving arms of a Savior – he seeks you.
He left the ninety nine to seek one –