nursery rhymes of doom

Perhaps one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard – check out NPR’s story on two attack ad voice over specialists.

Someone had the genius to give them some nursery rhymes to read in the ominous attack-ad sort of way. An example:

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. He claimed he could put himself back together again, but after wasting thousands of our tax dollars, all the King’s horses and men, he failed us. Humpty Dumpty: wrong on wall sitting.”


warren green was on fire tonight. listen here. quote of the evening: “just because you’re right doesn’t mean that you have a free pass to always get your way.” so true.

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new category – required listening

You may note on the right a new category: required listening. If you’ve been here a while you will probably have listened to everything that is in there now, but hopefully more will be added soon (like today.)

From time to time I’ll post lectures or sermons or courses I’ve found to be particularly enlightening on a subject, or just something in general I think everyone should listen to.


“As we enter into this week, I pray that you would contemplate with me the nature of Christ – the one who allows such betrayal, who opens himself to such betrayal and somehow manifests love in the most trying of circumstances. I know that’s easy for us to talk about, and it’s really hard when we’re in the trenches trying to love people who seem unlovable, whose words and actions cut to the very core of who we are – it’s the hardest time to love. Yet as we read the scriptures – especially as we walk toward the cross this week – it seems to define the essence of Christianity in so many ways.”

-Chris Seay (3/20/2005) listen here