As a friend speaks with a friend…

Lord, God most High, we come before your throne and speak with you as a friend speaks with a friend, knowing that you yourself sit in heaven and speak on our behalf.

We confess that many times the relationship we share is shallow – that we serve you out of selfishness, believing that you bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.

We look at Job and wonder whether we would react as he did – recognizing your Sovereign right to do what you wish, accepting both good and bad from your hand with grace.  We take comfort that you were pleased with Job, and declared that he spoke rightly of you – even in his bitter complaints, and we ask that you teach us to speak honestly with you – that we would approach your throne with honest and sincere hearts.

Teach us to seek your favor, and not only your blessing – your wisdom, and not only your rewards.  Make our lives so intertwined with you that we cannot let you go, even in the depths of despair – in the land of darkest shadow.

Remind us that wherever we are, even there your hand will guide us.

We come to you and speak only by the name and the power of Jesus Christ, our advocate and Lord, who reigns with you forever.


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