he is not content…

Are you a sheep?
Lost and wandering away from the tender care of the shepherd?

He is not content to let you remain outside the flock. Over rough and steep roads, he seeks to bring you home.

Are you a coin?
Forgotten and lost among the backdrop of the world,
counted as worthless by all but your master?

He is not content that you remain unused. He searches diligently among all his creation, knowing your value and worth, redeeming you for a purpose and cause.

Are you a child,
estranged from your father?
Have you turned your back
on one who loved you
and cared for you,
providing all you need?

He is not content that you remain in need in a foreign land. He waits for your return, looking daily to embrace you again.

He is God.
Your shepherd,
your owner,
your Father.

He passionately
and recklessly
desires one thing:

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