marin and james

so my friends are now married 🙂 here’s their wedding “blessing”

A love,
selfless, transforming,
shown to each other,
Christ’s actions embodied in your lives.

A covenant,
between you and God,
the eternal promise given here
declared for all –
may you honor each other
in the keeping of your hearts.

A song,
the melody of God,
played in your hearts,
displayed in your lives –
full of both joy and sadness,
may you sing his praise
in your daily worship.

A Spirit,
God dwelling in you,
empowering you to serve
with His hands,
the fulfillment of the command of Christ,
washing the feet of those around you.

A flame,
the fire of Christ
consuming your hearts
burning bright embers
to kindle the hearts of others,
flames to ignite.

A path,
unknown and uncertain,
the mystery of God
waiting to be revealed
in your lives.

Two lives,
joined together

One love,
One covenant.
One song,
One Spirit,
One flame,
One path,
One life:
with God.

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