may you know God

may you know God more than you know about him.

may you embrace the gift of life given freely by a God who loves you.

may you be one with Christ both in spirit and action.

and may his love find its place firmly in your heart –
not from without but within –
placed there by God himself.

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  1. Jeff –

    You are blessed with a gift for words. Your benedictions are honest … simple … and filled with spiritual maturity. My heart is encouraged by what I read here today.

    This particular benediction reinforces something that is very close to my heart. I don’t go to the Bible to gather information … but to fall in love. I want eternity to simply be a never-ending extension of the deep, dynamic, intimate, interactive relationship that our Father, Jesus, His Holy Spirit and I have developed together during my time on this earth.

    I want to be with Him now (John 14:23) … and forever. Thank you for encouraging me to know Him and love Him just as He is.


    Steve Dye

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