May you seek God in new places

May you seek God in new places
in new ways
with new vision.

May the richness of the life he offers
be the reality of your heart
and the nature of your soul.

And may your life be guided
by the power and promise
of the one true God –
the God of Abraham
and Isaac
and Jacob,
the God who not only created the world
but entered into it.

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  1. Hello. Hmm, you don’t know me. I am just fascinated by this poem. It speaks to me, I am a Christian. Could you please tell me more about benedictions? Why they are “benedictions”? Is this something you do as your ministry at the church? I found a couple of people who do similar blogs as your own. I am very interested in the concept of such web ministry. It’s awesome you people give glory to Jesus this way. A few days ago I came “accidentally” to a blog of someone who is your friend. And it blew me away how you guys could speak of Jesus so openly and lovingly.

    Kind regards from down-under (Aus),
    Tatiana – someone who wants to know Jesus better and serve Him

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