may your life be a blessing

may your life be a blessing
to countless people
known and unknown
seen and unseen.

May you walk with purpose
each step guided by the light of God
illuminating your path.

May God shower you with endless blessings –
family, friends live,
hardship, struggle, pain,
peace, love, joy –
each a perfect gift from Him.

May he use you in each moment.
May you be an instrument of reconciliation in His hand
May you constantly reside in the splendor of his Glorious plan for your life.
May you trust in his provision both in good times and bad.

May your journey take you to places
strange and wonderful –
places where you shine brightly
by loving extravagantly.

May you return often
to mileposts in your life –
God’s reminders of your journey –
blessings in uncertain times.

And may the hand of God
cover and protect you
all the days of your life

until you find everlasting rest
in His grasp.

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