Sunday benediction

Holy God
We come before you, humbled by the display of your mighty power as you bring life and renewal to the world. We ask for that same power to enter our hearts and bring change and renewal in our lives, according to your promise to make all things new.

In this week we set aside to remember the blessings in our lives, we ask you to place on our hearts those who have not, and that you move us to act as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in a world of desperate need. Teach us to use the blessings we have from you to bless others, instead of gratifying ourselves.

We ask that we would be transformed from people who care so much about ourselves and what other people think about us into people who are concerned with your kingdom, and the liberation and reconciliation you have offered in the person of Jesus Christ.

And may you work in us and through us,
transforming our lives into the image of Christ
and our world into your Kingdom
where there is no death,
neither sorrow nor pride,
but fullness of joy and peace
through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,

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