And yet we take from you so little

Father above,
you offer us so much, and yet we take from you so little. You promise abundant life and yet we are content with the scraps we can scavenge instead of feasting at your banquet table.

We confess to you that your promise to make all things new frightens us, because we do fairly well the way things are, and we are afraid of what we might lose. We worry sometimes about what it might mean to “become like Jesus”, and frankly there are times when we wish you hadn’t told us to follow in his footsteps. We reluctantly admit that we don’t always like where he leads us.

Even though we tend to like the world as it is, we ask for faith to believe the Good News of your Kingdom. We ask for eyes to see what we must change, and for strength to carry it out. We know that without you we have no hope, either in this life or the life to come.

And so we place our lives in your hands, honestly afraid of where you may take us, but hopeful and expectant to see your hand move.

In the holy name of Jesus we pray.

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