We, who hear your words, but fail to put them into practice

God, your scripture teaches us that someone who hears your words and then fails to put them into practice is like a person who looks at their face in a mirror but turns away and forgets what they look like. And as we listen to your words we are convicted because that is who we are. We pick and choose among your words like people at a cafeteria buffet, thinking we can have what we want and avoid the things we find unpalatable. But your teaching do not allow us that luxury, and so we repent, and ask that you help us begin to take you seriously.

We are grateful that you offer us
grace, though we don’t deserve it,
hope, though we often ignore it,
peace, though we often refuse it.

You shower blessings on us even when we don’t acknowledge you, and in humility we say thank you.

Teach us to remember who we are.
Teach us to remember who you have made us to be.
Teach us to trust in your promises.
Teach us to believe in you.

And as we meditate on these holy mysteries, may we imitate what they contain and obtain what they promise.

In the holy name of Jesus Christ.

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