With your words you spoke the world into being

Almighty God, with your Holy words you spoke the world into being, and with those same words you enter our lives and offer to be in us a new creation, transforming us not through coercion or force, but by living inside our hearts.

We are ashamed to admit that many times our hearts are not a place we really want you to visit, much less live. We honestly would be much more comfortable if you let us meet you on our own terms, rather than insisting we surrender everything we are to you.

But we pray, O God, that your words and your story would become reality to us, and that as we leave this place today, your story would narrate our lives, so that we will be a part of your unfinished work on Earth.

As we meditate on these Holy Mysteries, may we imitate what they contain and obtain what they promise.

In the Holy Name of Jesus our Savior and Lord we pray.


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