Your words bring us comfort, but they also bring us concern

Your words bring us comfort, but they also bring us concern, because we know we stand before you guilty, in dirty rags, trying to hide our shame. We thank you that you don’t judge us based on what we do or what we know, but that you treat us with grace, inviting us to your holy feast, blind, crippled, and por alike.

Forgive us when we are consumed with our own image instead of embracing yours.
Forgive us when we treat other people as being somehow less than we are,
even though they too are created in your image.
Forgive us for thinking we have all the answers,
instead of trusting your limitless justice.

We ask for more faith – faith to believe your promises, though sometimes they seem far away.
We ask for more grace, that grace might flow from us
We ask for more love, that we could understand you more.

We ask, as you did, Jesus,
that this new day and new way of life would come,
and come soon –
that your will be done here,
just as it is in Heaven.

And it is in your name,
the name above all names,
that we offer this prayer.


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