We are too busy…

Holy God, we come before your throne and admit that most of the time we are too busy singing and praying and feeling goood and feeling bad and feeling so-so to stop and listen for your tiny, little whispers.  In your word you paint for us a picture of full and abundant life, life that can only be had by drinking your living water, knowing you not as a title, but intimately, a mystery, as a wife knows her husband.

We pray that our lives would be planted near you – that we would send our roots deep into your word and your life, that we would draw nourishment from you, and that with the life you give we would in turn provide shelter and comfort and blessing to whoever comes under our branches.

We pray that we would not walk in the counsel of the wicked, nor stand in the way of sinners, nor abide in the house of hte scornful, but that our delight would be in you, in your truth, in your grace, now and forevermore.

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