zen and the art of fixing keese’s car

so we went tonight to try and pull the starter off of jeff’s car. unfortunately it got dark and we only pulled the solenoid off. so sad.

anyway, since i didn’t have anything useful to do, i took pictures.


statistics. what a wonderful class. acutally it’s not so bad, but sometimes it annoys us, no?

i guess the news of the week is that taking a 4 hour class in a 5 week summer session is a recipe for suicide. i mean really… it’s an insane amount of lecture, an insane amount of homework, and really the only consolation you have is that you only have to do it 5 weeks. i never thought someone could cover so much material so quickly, but… yeah… i have been proven wrong.

anyway, for now it’s off to stat land, where the mean median and mode are always right around the corner.




yay. they used my pictures.

so i did it…

the 12-24 tokina is on its way.

i’ll take some shots when i get it, probably early next week.

for a review of the lens, check out:

circuit breakerage

so i am officially an idiot who does stupid things sometimes.

ever wondered what happens when you try to plug in a short circuit?

here goes:



the weekend in kingsville was good. i got third in the 5k (decided not to run the 10) – picture to come shortly.

the big news of the day is that i unfortunately had to get a new cell phone due to the fact that mine wasn’t charging anymore. bummer. i loved my phone.

at any rate, i’m trying to put my numbers back in, but it could take a while before all that stuff works exactly right.

at any rate, hope to have some pictures from the weekend up tonight.

weekend plans

we’re heading down to kingsville today for joshfest. hopefully there will be some pictures when we get back. i’m slated to run a 10k tomorrow, but i may panzy out and do the 5k instead.

at any rate, will be back sunday night. call if needed.


the blog/website was down earlier today due to corruption of the tcp stack on my server.
(i didn’t do it).

none the less, the problem is fixed.

will update more tomorrow.