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missional conference

lots of good, well said stuff here at the conference. i’m excited to get back to debrief and digest what all has been here…

it’s been interesting to go to the academy to discuss the spiritual life and journey that i’ve been on in the past months, living in a missional environment and journeying in that place.

al roxbourgh has a very clear and well spoken way of stating that which i have already known in some sense and experienced.

more to come later.


i’m out for a couple of days to abilene for a conference on missional Christianity. returning friday night.

random story:

it was about 2:30 or 3 when i was going to bed last night, my alarm comfortably set for 9:30… but i had this nagging feeling in the back of my head that i actually had to do something… that there was some responsibility that i was forgetting.

oh yes. that’s right… i have to proctor a test at 8am. joy of joys.

that’s what the drive to abilene is all about 🙂