ok, so comments really do work now. it turns out that you have to have an email address to register unless you’re like me and can add the account manually. that requires that a mail server be set up. slight oversight.

but it’s all happy now. the smtp server is running and you can officially login/comment/make me happy.

shannon is the only one who tried so far, and you’ll need to request a reset to your password instead of a new account.

as a side note, your comments will be moderated until i’ve approved one of them, then you’ll be able to spam away.

sorry for the confusion.

comment away.

One Reply to “commentage”

  1. Hooray! The comment box now works.
    I don’t actually have much to say- except that I think you should write Scene 2 of the play I started. I’ll give you a fair share of the profits when it opens on Broadway.

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