canada, part 3 – waterloo and curling

monday was spent on the campus of the university of waterloo. the university seems to be a really neat place. a couple of interesting moments were walking through research park and a brief encounter with a mounty bear.

tuesday morning, we spent our time doing various projects around the church. where as sunday and monday had been quite warm, things took a turn for the chilly.

during a light canadian (heavy texan) snow storm, we had a fantastic time picking up trash and cleaning up the exterior of the building. after that, we did some cleanup work inside and distributed some flyers in the neighborhood.

and in the afternoon…

curling rules.

there were doubters. there were skeptics. but curling is quite possibly one of the funnest things i’ve ever done. i’m not sure whether it was more fun to curl or watch people fall (clif wins the award for the biggest, most dramatic bust, where as ariel wins the award for the most frequent buster) or to actually play, but both were extremely exciting. many of the canadians we were with commented that it was their first time to go, but they all loved it. if you’ve never been and there’s a place around you, you should go – it’s a really fun experience, and one i’d recommend.

and finally, a picture of hailey, the daughter of the people i’m staying with.


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