coldplay was fun tonight, though generously only about 45% as good as u2. of course comparing u2 @ year 26 with coldplay @ year 7 isn’t exactly fair, but none the less it’s hard to compare with the show u2 puts on. my hope is that in 15 years or so coldplay will have evolved to the level of showmanship of u2 and mellowed out of some of their rolling stonesish antics.

that being said, there were several really cool moments. my personal favorites were “the scientist”, “till kingdom come” with a tribute to johnny cash with “ring of fire” tacked on the end of it, as well as “talk” and “yellow”. the encore (“swallowed in the sea”, “in my place”, and “fix you”) was quite compelling, and probably worth the price of admission alone. i don’t know that i’d payed proper attention to “swallowed in the sea” before. the lyrics from the final bridge seemed to me to be particularly appropriate for the evening: “oh, what good is it to live / with nothing left to give / forget, but not forgive / not loving all you see?”

at the conclusion, “fix you” was quite well done, with chris martin not singing the final refrain at all, but rather allowing the voices of the crowd echoing in the toyota center to rise above the strains of the piano.

“lights will guide you home,
and ignite your bones,
and i will try
to fix you.”

all in all an extremely enjoyable evening.

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  1. Your account almost compels me to like such bands as U2 and Coldplay…

    Unfortunately X&Y felt very much like a full derivative of A Rush of Cold Blood to the Head. And U2 has left their better work behind. i won’t deny the coolness of the liveness. And i won’t deny your perspective to enjoy such. But i’d like to see a battle of the bands. You can have U2, and i’ll take Radiohead. Thom Yorke v. Bono. Johnny Greenwood v. The Edge. It’ll be sweetness. But i’ll go with the people that stick with their actual names.

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