fires in cross plains

yeah… i drove through there while the fires were burning outside of town yesterday…

“The hardest-hit community during Tuesday’s blazes was Cross Plains, a West Texas ranching and oil-and-gas town of 1,000 people some 150 miles from Dallas. Cross Plains also lost about 50 homes and a church after the flames raced through grass dried out by the region’s worst drought in 50 years.”

article here

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  1. Yeah, it’s bad in this area of Tejas. i probably have inhaled more dust in the past 2 weeks than in the entire rest of the year. A big blaze was creeping outside of Hamilton the other day. And i worry that more fires will spread with the the firing of fireworks…sigh. All i’m saying is that when the cattle come to eat cubes they shouldn’t kick up dust that encompasses me and beyond…

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