nikon’s CLS

So I have been known at various times in the past on multiple occasions to disparage Nikon’s Creative Lighting System (CLS) as a feature that was nice, but really not terribly necessary for the average photographer. After using the old SB-28 and then my Novatron strobes, I didn’t see how any shoe-mount flash system would be able to give great results consistently, unless paired with PocketWizards and used in manual mode. After looking at a couple of demo videos and seeing some test shots, Lisa and I decided to order a couple of SB-800’s and Gary Fong Lightsphere II diffusers for our future wedding shoots.

They arrived today, and I have to say… even after 5 minutes of use, I’m fairly impressed. They haven’t failed to go off, and the results are fairly good, right out of the bag.

Possibly more to come later on…

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