so it seems the new thing is podcasting. i’m wondering if it’s worth actaully doing… i suppose i have an ipod (which incidentally DHL left on my porch this morning, despite there being a big “signature required” label on it) and a microphone for it, so why not actually put some sort of podcast something on there… short, sweet and to the point perhaps. of course, the real problem being that i’m not sure i actually have things that are all that interesting to say, other than reading random thoughts that you could read for yourselves with much more meaning anyway.

i guess part of the trouble with reading for you is that sometimes you get far more richness when you are forced to struggle with what it *could* have meant, rather than reading my (vocal) interpretation into it.

anyway, if someone wants to put some thoughts down on whether or not it would be worth it, then i’m certainly open to listening – and giving anything a try.

of course, well broadcasted podcasting could bring a lot more traffic to the site…

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  1. Yeah, sometimes podcasting is just lameness… But at times you think of something cool or profound, then you can make podcasting worth while. So you know…try it some… why not?

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