things i learned in medina

the top ten things i learned at medina:

  1. welding rods are hot after you use them. don’t burn yourself.
  2. deer like to run out in front of you. hitting them is not cool, but so long as you don’t do too much damage to your car, sam can fix it.
  3. never use a ball peen hammer in car repair when a sledge hammer will do the job.
  4. goats are cute. sheep are annoying. angora goats are ugly. pigs are loud. cows poop a lot. (note: i knew these things before, but was reminded of them).
  5. sitting on wooden bleachers for several hours is uncomfortable. sitting on wooden bleachers for 4 hours while waiting for everyone else to show up is not only uncomfortable, but boring as well.
  6. coffee is good. decaf folgers crystals are bad.
  7. my coffee cup is much better than styrofoam coffee cups. it keeps coffee warm for a long time, where as styrofoam keeps coffee warm for about 10 seconds.
  8. relationships are more important than rules (didn’t do such a good job on this one this week…)
  9. people surprise you a lot. people who you think might not be receptive of certain ideas often are.
  10. good leaders make a trip worth going on. they take care of business and take care of their people. props to matt and lance.

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