coth crucifixion pictures

if you’re ever in the area of marble falls during the summer around 7:00 on a thursday night, i highly recommend stopping by camp of the hills to view the crucifixion scene. i’ll probably head out there at least one more time over the summer, but here are some pics from last night… view all the images here.

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  1. yah, yah, it’s kind of cool…maybe a bit over the top for some of the kids…but ok…just don’t go to half the Bible studies afterwards unless you want to hear a good Bible Thumpin’…sigh…

  2. actually i hear there was an interesting run-in with a sponsor who thought they didn’t go far enough last week… sigh…

    i’ll leave that story for jen or robert though.

  3. man I’m gonna go out there on this thursday I think. I like to watch this thing to see the kids reactions and see how they respond after theyve given it some serious contemplation. But the actual like crucifixion is sort of hard for me to watch because I’ve studied theatre a lot and I feel like sometimes certain elements of the scene are misinterpreted by the actors and so sometimes not everything fits, but I mean thats just me, I am always overly aware.

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