dark side

so there’s a contest with the theme of “the dark side”… since i’m a rather uncreative person, i have about one idea of what to do. while i don’t really want to enter a picture of myself, i thought it would be a good idea to get the lighting down before calling in the professionals to pose for me, so i ended up playing around for an hour and a half or so with various shots, trying to find out what worked.

here are some samples, comments appreciated…

gallery available here

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  1. I was intrigues by the facebook picture, so I came here to check more of them out. I really like them. The photograph with you under the blanket, I prefer, oh wait that’s not a blanket it’s your knee! It’s the photograph in the middle of the three posted above. The shadows really bring out the lines of your face. Your hair looks good to.

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