where did all the colors go?

Based on some of starfish235’s analysis on flickr, I decided to play around with a few of my own photos to see how various lenses responded to the chromatic aberration analysis. To quote from Bruce:

    This enhance view of the CA should be used to identify regions of the original (full resolution) photo where you should look for the effects of CA. CA doesn’t always result in a strong visible color tint in the original photo, but it often results in a general loss of sharpness and reduced resolution when a visible color shift isn’t readily apparent.

The following are a few examples:

The above picture was recently posted, and taken with my Sigma 150. The CA has been enhanced ~9dB. As you can see in the higher resolution image, the CA is fairly well controlled.

This image was taken with the LX-2 and also enhanced ~9db. As you can see, the CA is most defined at the edges (where you would expect), but also exists in parts of the photo you wouldn’t generally look for it.

I may post additional pictures later – if anyone has any requests I’ll be happy to post them.

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