a little bit of human in every one of us

It was wonderful to watch them put aside the suspicions and fears they carry with them so often and just have fun being kids. It was a good reminder that there is at least a little bit of human in every one of us, and sometimes the conditions just have to be right before it comes out. As I look at these guys, I see lives that have been dehumanized so much – forced into situations where the good that is inside of them is repressed and forced into some dark corner, only to be let out at rare intervals. But as I’ve told so many people on the outside who ask, I think that these kids desperately wantnothing more than to be kids. – to be accepted, to be human.

In ways, it’s nothing more than any of us want. We all want to be accepted ant to be able to be ourselves. We all, I think, find joy in service, and in having fun. I think that a lot of us enjoy casting aside the cares of the world for a while. I think that the difference between them and us is that we are able to do it so much more often. These guys have such a deep desire to be accepted and appreciated that I think they would give up anything for it, if indeed they had anything to give.

nairobi, kenya
28 July 2001

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