for i will forgive their wickedness…

“…and remember their sins no more…”

It’s hard for me to believe God remembers my sin no more. Perhaps it’s because I remember my sin so well, or because other people remember my shortcomings and view me in light of them. Maybe it’s because I have such a hard time forgiving others – let alone forgetting what they’ve done and saying that it never happened.

And when i sit with someone and am prepared to share with them all my failures and weakness – I squirm a little when they say tell me those things don’t matter – I feel uncomfortable with the idea of forgiveness, of pardon, of justification.

I have so much to learn about how God works. I can’t understand Him. And in those moments when i see a new picture of God, I feel afraid – afraid because I see a new picture of how far I have to go.

“No longer will a man teach his neighbor,
saying ‘Know the Lord!’,
because they will all know me.”

May I know and practice the depths of your forgiveness, O God.

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  1. i feel you on the idea of being judged by your own shortcomings. Many times i’ll scan a crowd and wonder how i have failed certain people, and how their interpretation reduces their perspective of me. And alas such a view is way too self-interested, bt we unfortunately are bound only to our own view of consciousness. So to comprehend how God forgives is infintesmally impossible. But we must understand it to be so in order to try to even live. Then what is the extent of the forgiveness? Is there an extent? Why does he forgive me just b/c i believe this one view, when i might choose to live selfishly while others who do great acts reject the view and are condemned? Sigh, again it’s tough to truly know such things. i only need to grab hold of my indictments of others and throw them into a refuse basket…allowing them to become new once again in my mind…how tough is that?

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