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Some thoughts from James on being right, being arrogant, and discussing it in public… Definitely worth the read.

if i have difficulty with someone at work, or if i get frustrated with friends or family, or a list of so many other things, i talk about these things at home behind closed doors, or in private. why then, do i parade my religious discussion around in public and wave the banner for all to see? not only is this rude to those around who i might be insulting, but what impression does this leave on those sitting in the establishment. to be honest, i’ve never overheard a religious discussion in public where the people were not talking about how they were better/smarter/whatever than someone else and that these other people were stupid/wrong aka not as enlightened. no wonder people think i’m a hypocrite, i am! in church i talk about how great God is and talk about how loving and merciful but that’s just talk. maybe the real reason that i am a christian is because i want to feel superior, or that i don’t want to be wrong. it seems that i put a lot more thought into how to prove that i’m right over how great it is to be merciful or how I want to be like Christ, or how could we improve how we treat others.

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