guilt or love

ran across an old notebook of mine last night… perhaps it’s safe to post this now 😉

there must be a point in our walk where we move from a motivation of guilt to a motivation of lvoe. is there anger in the eyes of Jesus? i think not. sorrw, yes. disappointment? probably.

if Jesus remains only the God who makes us feel guilty then we will never truly be able to draw near to Him and know Him in the fullness that He wants to know us. If Jesus only runs a constant audit of our lives and is there only to beat us down and make us feel bad when we step out of line then He is not our redeemer – he is our judge.

the forgiveness of Christ is complete. Jesus did not teach in the negative, but in the positive. He did not say “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want them to do to you”, but rather “do unto others what you would have them do unto you.”

I feel such sorrow for those who have such a dark view of Jesus. For Jesus is like a mentor. I don’t want to disappoint my earthly mentor because I respect and love him, not because I fear him. He isn’t constantly looking over me and waiting to stricke me down. He’s constantly looking over me and waiting to pick me up. He doesn’t refuse me when I wrong him, but He seeks to teach me his ways. How sad not to know the love of Jesus, but only to know of the lofe of Jesus.

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