I believe in a God who matters

After deciding that it’s possible for a God to exist, I believe the most important question becomes, “Does it matter?” If not, there are no more questions to answer. If it does, far more questions are opened up.

It would be entirely possible for a God to exist, but for him to have created the universe and let it go on its merry way, seeking neither contact nor being active in its daily workings. Additionally, a God could be actively involved in the affairs of the universe, but essentially using the human race as amusement and little else, like a small boy using a magnifying glass on an anthill.
If a God like that did exist, I don’t think he would really be worthy of worship and adoration. Disdain or apathy, perhaps, but not worship. In order for a God to be worthy of worship, I feel like he must make a difference in our lives, and how we live them.

I believe the Christian God does matter. I think he actively engages humanity, and that as Creator, he speaks to us about how we are created, and why we exist. I believe when he says, “You should love each other,” he doesn’t do it just because he thinks it’s a good idea – like a master builder he *knows* how each of us was created, and how the moral laws of the universe work. When he tells us that mercy triumphs over judgment, love over hatred, service over selfishness – these are not theoretical ideas from an ivory tower philosopher, but realities from the designer of the system. But more than being realities of the designer for our lives, they are a reflection of his character – a character that governs our lives, character that matters.

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