if we have the opportunity to walk away

Here’s the deal: if we’re going to have this relationship with each other – if we’re going to be intimate and close, which I want, then you have to be able to hurt me. Because unless you can hurt me, we can’t be intimate, I would just be a control freak.

This is really true in all our relationships, isn’t it? If you’re dating a girl and you’re trying to manipulate and control and keep her from seeing this other guy or worried about whether she’s going to fall for this other guy, or you’re worried because she seems interested in your friends – it’s just not the sort of relationship that God has with humanity at all.

God just says this: I’m going to be really, really good. If you want this, I want this too. If you don’t, you can go. He’s not a control freak. He’s not a manipulator. He’s not co-dependant. And the only way that He’s saying we can be close to Him is if we have the opportunity to walk away and we don’t do it.

~don miller

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