instant winner

from keese, over at the afc blog…

this morning i spent several hours driving to and from this resort trying to claim a prize i had “already won.” it was one of those get a letter in the mail, show up at the right time, listen to their advertising presentation, say no, get your prize things. i knew it was too good to be true and i totally expected to get cheated, but i at least hoped to make it a little further into the game before i lost out. you see, i didn’t meet the qualifications because i don’t earn enough annual income (i guess it takes money to buy lake-side condominiums these days) to be worth their time or something. of course, it clearly stated this is the fine print but unfortunately for me, i never received the letter containting these stipulations. disappointing, but at least lauren and i got to spend some time driving through the texas countryside together.

so all this got me thinking about salvation. odd how seeing God’s creation through a car window will do that. in God’s eyes we’re all “instant winners.” we who call Jesus our Lord and Savior already are gauranteed to receive the promised reward. and the best part is that there’s no fine print that will take it all away from us. sure, a walk with God isn’t always a pleasant stroll, in fact it seems like a marathon at times, but at least our guide has been up-front and honest with us. we won’t arrive at our destination and discover that we’ve been disqualified for the prize. Jesus has said that if we confess Him as both master and friend, He will confess us before His father at the end of our road. and i am very glad it’s all laid out for us all in some very true fine print.

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