Why is it so hard to understand justice?

Certainly we understand eternal justice – the idea everyone will eventually get what they deserve, though we conveniently ignore the fact we hope we *won’t* get what we deserve.

Why is it so hard to believe – or at least act like we believe – that people of every race, color, cocial group, economic status, intelligence, moral disposition, sexual orientation – in short all people – are treated by God with equal esteem, and that we are to love our neighbor as oursevles?

Ultimately our Christianity is not about the lip service we pay to the good things we *should* do, or to the bad things we *don’t* do, but about how we treat those who are in desperate need of heavenly mercy and justice. It is not about how we show justice to those who easily obtain it, but in how we treat the voiceless and oppressed and ignored, those who need justice.

Somewhere our theoretical Christianity must meet our practical Christianity. Somehwere we must go beyond saying we should be open and inviting to reflecting that – in how we dress, in how we talk, in how we give. We cannot be an abstract concept, but a tangible reality, the hands and feet and mouth of God, true justice in an unjust world.

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