mclaren – someone to talk to…

First, she says “I need to talk to someone…” She doesn’t say, “I need to have somebody talk to me.” “I need to talk to someone, and I can’t think of anyone I can talk to about religion.” Now brothers and sisters, I think you know that there are a lot of people around who would be happy to talk to her about religion, you understand? But what she is desperate for is not somebody to talk to her, she is looking for somebody who will listen to her and have respectful conversation with her. Does that make sense?

I hope this won’t offend anybody, but I think you will all understand if I use it this way. What if you had a sincere question about Amway Products?

And I understand that Amway changed their name exactly because of that reason, because there had been too many people who’d tried to twist people’s arms and get them in their upline or downline, and you know what folks – there might be some good reasons to change the brand name of Christianity for similar reason. Because a woman like April is desperate to talk to somebody, but she can’t think of anybody who’s safe to talk to.

She’s so honest, she’s so transparent, and she doesn’t want to put any pressure on me. She is doing unto me as she hopes that I will do unto her. Is it possible for two human beings in America in 2004 to have a conversation about God without one person putting pressure on the other? And there are people who are desperate for a conversation partner.

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