my journey – part 10

Isn’t it funny
that we do anything we can
not to look silly
or foolish?

Isn’t it funny
that we try in who we are
to look sophisticated
and wise?

Isn’t it funny
that in everything He does
God has chosen the foolish
to shame the wise?

isn’t it funny.

another case of the economics of the Kingdom catching up to me. it’s been probably 6 years since i wrote that, and i don’t know that i do any better with it now than i did back then.

nobody likes to look dumb. nobody likes to look silly. we all try to put our best foot forward and not look like dunces in front of the world.

but sometimes the illogic of God trumps the logic of men. it’s funny how we try to make sense of everything – like there must be a logical explaination for every religious truth. faith doesn’t work like that, thankfully. you don’t need a degree in rhetoric in order to be a good Christian. you just need faith.

and God again turns the world upside down, remding us that what we think of things isn’t always that important…

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