my journey – part 12

A lot of times we want God to be fair.

To give us a better house,
a nicer car,
a job that lets us be home more.

Really just to give us a break,
to help us out for all the times we’ve sacrificed.

Then I think of what I deserve.


A life without

I’m glad God’s not fair.

ahh yes, the fairness complex. we all grew up with parents who told us that life wasn’t fair, but why do we somehow think that our Christian life should be?

of course, when we mean fair, we really mean that we should get what we want, which generally doesn’t involve fairness, but us getting the better end of the deal. we play this game all the time, and the funny thing is that some people try to play it with God – as though God should repay them for all the church services they’ve sat through… (and considering some of the services i’ve sat through, i can see how one might be entitled to think that compensation was in order…)

but the reality is that paul, quoting quoting God in the book of job, is right on… “who has ever given to the God, that God should repay him?”

the funny thing is that God is ultimately very fair. we don’t like to think that God can reward anyone as he sees fit. somehow we think that God is bound by our rules and ideas of what he should do, rather than by his own limitless power and grace.

the humbling thought, is that before God, we all deserve one thing: death. we are by nature objects of wrath.

no, God is being very unfair to us. by his Grace, we will not get what we deserve.

and praise God for that.

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