my journey – part 13

Teach me, O Lord
not to be shallow.

When distractions come
keep me focused.

When trials come
keep me faithful.

When things are well
keep me near.

When things are hopeless
be my hope.

When I am helpless
be my strength.

When the storm is all around
When the sky is black
When night overtakes me

Make me deeper, O God.

Make me deeper.

i still remember where i was, but i have no clue what i was annoyed about. i remember that i wasn’t at all focused, and that for some reason the words that were being spoken were completely lost on me.

but in that moment, i believe I opened my soul on paper for the first time. of all those first ninety-nine writings, this is probably one of the most personal. it’s written without an agenda or challenge – simply a desire of my heart.

and it is still my prayer.

make me deeper, O God.
make me deeper.

edit: These are actually queued up for several days, and it’s sometimes interesting to see how certain days fall. The truth and practicality of these words is possibly more relevant to me today than it has been at any time, even when it was written. And who knows – perhaps it was written for a time such as this.

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