my journey – part 14

“Be Still”

Could it be the reason that command –
and that is what it is –
is so hard for us

is that we don’t understand
how deep
and wide
the love of God is for us?

Could it be that in our busy-ness
we think God will finally
acknowledge us,
approve of us,
and say

“Now that you’ve done this…


now I love you.”

Could it be that we don’t understand.

God loves us.

He always has.

He always will.

Sometimes I feel like God has this standard that’s out there – some set of expectations that I’m never going to live up to, and unless I do, he won’t really approve of me as a son.

My father told a story recently of a mother he visited with whose son is my age, still living at home, and working in a token job in order to appease his parents. Even though in the eyes of most of the world, the kid is fairly worthless, his mother’s view was strikingly different: “He’s a good kid.”

Regardless of my status in the world’s eyes,
Regardless of the thousands of times I fall short,
My father in heaven loves me
And thinks I’m a good kid.

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