my journey – part 16

Who was Jesus?

This King of kings,
Lord of lords.

This man-God who
had power beyond measure.

With all his power,
all His glory,
all the honor He deserved,

He came into the world as a servant,

and refused to be known as anything else.

And as I come to God in my power,
with my wisdom,
I become a little less in tune with
my King, who called the greatest least,
and humbled Himself to be glorified.

This was the first of what I wrote that first year in Africa. Charles mentioned Jesus – this man who came to be known as a servant and refused to be known as anything else. I began to question how the choices I made regarding my general attitude bring me closer to God, or push me away from Him. I think that often we make small, subtle choices that make it that much more difficult to relate to Christ – that much more difficult to understand his perspective on things.

More than anything, we forget that the nature of Christ was that of a humble and meek servant – one who had all the power in the world, but refused to use it.

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