my journey – part 30

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

“And who is my neighbor?”

Is it only your brother?
your friend?
your spouse?

Is it the acquaintance?
the passer-by?
the person behind the counter?

Is it the policeman?
the tax collector?
the guy who hit your car?

Is your neighbor the influential guy?
the rich man?
the powerful man?

Is it the homeless?
the outcast?
the poor?

Is your neighbor pretty?

Are they unattractive?

“Which of these three
do you think
was a neighbor
to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?”

And who is my neighbor?

“Go, and do likewise.”

We often find it easy to love those who love us. We find it easier to love those who it benefits us to love in some way. The real test of love is not whether we love those from who we gain something, but whether we love those who can offer us nothing in return.

Christ’s love knows no bounds. We have nothing to offer him, and he loves us anyway. He loves people regardless of their social status, their income level, their intellect, their ability, their family situation, their past, their appearance, their clothing… there is nothing about anyone that causes Christ to love them any less.

May we love with the love of Christ. May our love reach out across social barriers and cross racial lines to bring healing to a world in desperation. May we seek to love selflessly, giving of ourselves to those who can give nothing in return. And may we find courage to love boldly those who need it most, even when it’s easier not to.

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