my journey – part 33

“But the Lord provided…”

Of course, that was only back then.

Back when God still did things.

When he talked to people
and healed the sick
and fed the hungry
and calmed the distressed
and touched the hearts of men.

Long, long ago.

A time out of mind, for some.

But the Lord provides.

The Lord provides.

It’s hard to remember sometimes that God provides. It’s hard to remember that He looks down at us and knows what we need. It’s hard sometimes to think that he cares.

I take comfort in the provision of a God who not only looks down from heaven, but walks alongside my path. As I look to the past, I see the wonders the Lord has performed again and again in my life, rescuing me from myself as well as my enemies. As I look to the future, I look with hope, renewed daily by manna from the Hand of God.

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