my journey – part 34

“When I am weak, then I am strong.”

“My strength comes from the Lord, my rock and my high tower.”

Don’t tell that to the rich men,
full of importance,
trusting in their wealth.

Don’t tell that to the talented,
full of God’s gifts,
but trusting in their ability.

Don’t tell that to me,
full of pride and stubbornness,
trusting in my own way.

“We can do it!”

“We’re good enough!”

“My strength comes from the Lord…”

I think one of the most disturbing tendencies in my life is my desire to “fix” things. I want to feel like I have control of my life, like if I just do enough then everything will work out. So often I trust primarily in my strength, rather than in God’s power.

How much greater would my life be if, when faced with a problem, I spent less time worrying about it and more time focusing on things that I could do? What if I recognized that the power of the entire universe rests in the hands of God Almighty, and that my strength is insignificant?

May we each find our strength in the Lord.

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