my journey – part 35

Jesus spent a lot of time in boats.

Maybe that’s why I like them so much.

We journey across life, each in our own boat,
in an ocean of powerful forces we don’t understand.

Good sailors use the wind and the waves,
they don’t create them.

How often do I sit in my boat,

sails raised,

and blow with all my might,
hoping to move along.

at the national prayer breakfast, bono mentioned the advice he received from a wise man:

“Don’t ask God to bless what you’re doing,” he said, “rather jump on board with what God’s doing, because it’s already blessed.”

So often we look around us seeking God’s blessing in our lives for whatever little pet project we have right now, instead of looking around for what God is already doing, and becoming involved in that. So often I’m guilty of trying to make things work out on my own, instead of seeking God’s will and following His plan.

My hope is that each of us will look around us in our lives for the work of God around us, that we would all constantly jump on to what He is doing, and that in the process we would both be a blessing to others, and be blessed ourselves.

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