my journey – part 8

Heart and Soul.

I fell in love with you
heart and soul.

Take my heart, God.
But my actions are mine.

Take my heart.
But what I do on Friday is my business.

Take my heart.
But this show is more important than spending time with you.

Take my heart.
But I’m keeping my money this week.

God looks at what we give,
But he cares about what we keep.

To fall in love with Him
Is to give your heart
and your actions.

Heart and Soul.

there is a completeness to our walk with Christ that is something we aren’t spiritually born with. as a result of our compartmentalization, we often think we can give little pieces to God – that somehow this is a sharing process and that we get to choose what God gets, while at the same time choosing what we get from Him. sort of like a best of both worlds type of thing.

too bad that’s not really not a sound theological way to look at it.

our lives need be completely surrendered to Jesus Christ. there is nothing left – nothing we can hold onto, nothing left to keep. the key statement for me here, i think, is that Christ looks at what we give, but cares about what we keep. those things that we hold onto – those are the things keeping us from Christ.

may we each let go of all the things that encumber us, and the sin that so easily entangles, and run the race toward God.

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