robbie seay was in CS tonight, playing at all faiths. i’ll have some pictures up later.

there were two highlights for me – the first coming right off the bat as they played “when the cold wind blows” – one of my favorite songs. they also played “go outside” – a fantastic song, with a near haunting chorus that continues to ring in my ears:

“no one should be left out…”

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  1. That’s where RSB was tonight. You stole them from us!

    Not that Ecclesia has room to complain. Chris Seay is back from his sabbatical & has returned to the pulpit. I, for one, am really glad to see him back.

    Not to say that Chad is junior varsity. It’s just that feeling that an old friend has returned that made my day.

    Be sure and download the message when it is posted later on this week!

    Looking forward to your pic’s of RSB…

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