we come before you

we come before you a prideful people,
a sinful people,
full of our own desires and wants,
distracted by a thousand things
as we enter into the most holy place
of worship with you.

we come
wanting to feel good about ourselves,
to stroke our own egos,
to put in as little as possible
while stealing as much from you
as we can.

Forgive us.

For our pride,
Forgive us.

For our reckless pursuit of self,
Forgive us.

for our ungrateful hearts,
forgive us.

For our failure to yield our lives to you,
forgive us.

Humble us, o God.

Create in us hearts of compassion
of reverence
of humility
of justice.

Open our eyes, Lord
to the people around us
remind us, God,
of Justice.

do not allow us to sit by
as people in our city go hungry
as people in our state are out of work
as people in our nation live without homes
as people in our world die in wars without name
as people everywhere do not know you.

do not let us sit by
do not let us be silent
while there exist thouse without voice.

force us, God,
to cry out in their defence.

Cleanse us, Jesus
cleanse our hearts,
our minds,
our souls.

As we enter into the very presence
of your Spirit
cleanse us and make us worthy.

in this time
make us yours.

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