we come to you

we come to you a dishonest people
hoping to conceal from you
our blemishes and imperfections
hoping foolishly that you don’t notice
how broken and helpless we are,
though you made us
and know us.

we come to you, proud of our knowledge
secure in our accomplishments
hoping to impress you
a resume
though we all fall short
of your standard of holiness.

we come to you with false wisdom,
thinking we have answers.
we come for confirmation
of what we already know,
when you reject our answers
and leave us with questions.

we come desiring more for ourselves
than we do for you –
false servants of your kingdom,
seeking you after all else has failed.

and we have failed.
we have failed you, and you alone.

convict us of our sin.
and remind us
that only your transforming power
can heal us.

remind us that you heal.

may we come to you humble
weak and powerless
but expectant,

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